At Choodiyan our mission is to create unique bangle sets and provide Indian jewelry at bargain prices to meet your needs, while providing an exceptional experience  



Back in 2019 my husband and I got married in San Mateo, California. During our wedding preperation my biggest struggle was to find a vendor that was going to give me fair rates for jewelry or were giving really high prices as they wanted us to bargain. Thats where Choodiyan was born! We believe in transparency and being upfront with our prices, we dont believe our customers should go through the hassle of bargaining. 
Additionally, when we first started on the business idea I wanted our main product to be something that I am extremely fond of; thats correct, its Choodiyan! We love working with colors and creating unique sets for all our customers! 
Floral Bangles
Our signature bangle sets consist of using floral bangles on the end to create unique royal sets for our beautiful brides. 
We are not limited to Bangles!
We are committed to providing a complete package for all our customers, whether you are shoping for bangles, necklace sets, earrings or accessories, we got it all! 
Free Shipping! Yes!
You read that correctly! We offer FREE GROUND SHIPPING within USA, no minimum. Once your order is shipped you are provided a tracking number. 
Our COVID-19 response
Safety is our top most priority, therefore we are only doing contactless delivery and only doing facetime appointments. Additionally we dont believe in comprimising your retail experience during these times, therefore we have created Instagram filters that allow you to try out our jewelry from the comfort of your home!

To try out one of our Instagram filters, visit our Instragram page @Choodiyan
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We ship globally
Based in Austin, TX

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